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Profit Accumulator claims you can make thousands of pounds per year by following their guide to matched betting. They have a forum community, a set of tools, video and written tutorials and have recently added an extra tool to their arsenal to make turning free bets into profit even easier.

This is my story of how I went from thinking it was a big con to making £1500 in six weeks, by starting with the free trial then joining as a Platinum Member.

My Introduction and Why I’ve written This Review

My name is Jack Burns. I’m in my 30s and work in IT. Pretty dull. Like everyone else in life I’d love a bit of extra beer money in my back pocket.

I heard about Profit Accumulator six weeks ago. Ignored it, then saw it again and gave it a go.

In short : Its awesome, and I’m really glad I joined.

I searched Google and Youtube for reviews which helped convince me to join, and have since written this.

There was only one or two other reviews out there and they left a few questions unanswered, so I’ll do my best to cover absolutely everything.

What Is Involved?

Matched betting allows people in the UK and Ireland to turn bookmaker promotional offers, free bets, and bonuses into withdraw-able cash that goes straight to your bank account. The process can be a little overwhelming for beginners, regardless of their online betting experience. Profit Accumulator simplifies the process and makes it understandable for their members.

The process is broken down into videos and written instructions, all delivered to you in a logical order to help you learn at your own pace. This prevents you from getting too confused too early. Betting terms, definitions and the methods to make money are all released slowly, preventing you from becoming frustrated and disappointed at your first attempt.

The membership involves telephone and email support, along with 10,000+ members in the exclusive forum that are always willing to provide you with help, screenshots, tips and tricks. There’s a great atmosphere of people who all want to make money together.

How I Discovered Profit Accumulator & Why I Gave It a Try

Around two months ago I was browsing a forum about weight training and weight loss. Someone posted about matched betting in the general chat forum.

I was intrigued, but was tired so closed it. Fast forward to three days. I’m sat on the couch browsing Facebook when I see an advert to the very same website.

I click it and have a proper read. Still unsure, I google to look for reviews. After reading a ginormous blog post by a lad called Jamie, then another big review by a guy called Mike I decide to search Youtube. I found a couple of reviews made by Platinum members.

They were all fairly informative and  they all talked about how great Profit Accumulator was and how well they’d done with it.

I recalled  both The Guardian and The Times had both covered matched betting in the past. Sounds good. Lets have a bash I thought.

It was pouring it down and a bit early to start drinking so I whacked my details into the sign up form and joined the free trial to pass the time.

Is It Legit or Is It A Scam?

Why did I decide to give it a go? Is it not just a big scam?

  • If it was a con, why would people be talking about it on forums and Youtube?
  • Its legit, as I quickly discovered
  • There is a free trial which teaches you everything. You literally have NOTHING to lose
  • You can make £45 from it – even if it takes you 2 hours to understand, £45 is good money for that!
  • I work in IT so I’m quite good at being able to tell what looks genuine
  • I was generally tempted/sucked in by the thought of an extra £1000 a month!

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profit accumulator signup form

Signing up takes a matter of seconds. No subscription, payment or long form to fill out. Nice and easy

Does Profit Accumulator Work?

Profit Accumulator works exactly as described. There was no hidden surprises, costs or features that were limited to certain members.

Signing up to the free trial will give you access to the odds matching software and the calculator. Free trial members can access the first two offers before upgrading to platinum membership.

The Free Trial – It Works! Wooo!

I love proving people wrong and being able to say I told you so. I’m pretty nifty at using technology but thought this whole Profit thingy might be a bit complicated. I watched the basic training video. It seemed a lot to take in, so I re-wound it and listened again. Seemed to make sense so I got going.

First step – make an account with the bookie they say. Fill out a form. 2 minutes.

Second step – make a Betfair account. Again, 2 minute job.

Third step, use the tool the provide. Pretty straight forward, I did what the video said.

Fourth step, use the calculator. You basically put some numbers into a box and press calculate. It tells you how much money to spend on each bet.

Done 🙂

I placed a £5 bet on Arsenal to win the FA cup. The bet lost but I’d placed a counter-bet on Man Utd to lose with Betfair so I’d broke even.

I was then given a £20 free bet. I placed it on some South American team that were playing at midnight.

THIS IS THE BEST BIT – whether the bet wins or not it doesn’t matter – as you guarantee profit by betting on the other team to win or draw.

As I’d used a free £20 I made £15 profit from it. Awesome.

Just to recap – I signed up, bet £5 on Arsenal, bet another £5 on Arsenal to lose (cancelling each other out) then did the same with another footy match later but with a free bet -not my own money.

This meant I’d made £10 by sitting on my couch and filling out some forms.


Same process again. This time you have to bet £10 to get a £30 bet. Good value again. There wasn’t much footy to choose from, but my £30 free bet made me £24 profit.

So within the space of about 90 minutes, I’d just made £39. I’m not a gambler and don’t even like football that much, but £39 sitting on my couch on a wet weekend afternoon seemed pretty awesome to me.

The profit accumulator calculator

Here’s the calculator you use when placing the bets. It tells you exactly how much to place and how much profit you’ll make!

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I Bit The Bullet And Joined

The £39 I’d just made had been withdrawn from my bookie account and was on its way back to my bank.  Profit Accumulator have a 30 day money back guarantee, and given that they’d just made me £24 richer within just over an hour it seemed like a good idea joining.

I signed up to the Platinum Membership which was £17.99 a month when I joined. Its gone up to £22.99 now but its still worth it.

Once logged in, you get a big list of ‘offers’. These are the promo offers, signup bonuses and free bets that bookies offer you for joining. Its the same simple process :-

  • Make an account
  • Deposit about £10 – £30
  • Find a bet using the Profit Accumulator software
  • Calculate how much to back and lay (covering your ass to guarantee a risk free outcome)
  • Place the bet
  • Get a free bet
  • Repeat the process
  • Make around 80% profit from the free bet (so a £50 free bet will profit you around £40)

It might sound complicated but its not. You can do it on your ipad or laptop. Each offer takes about ten – 15 minutes.

If you use Google Chrome or Firefox you can download a form filling extension – so when you’re making accounts with the bookmakers it will auto-fill out your details. Just a little tip to save some time.

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It Really Works – I made £430 In My First Week

I started with £200 as it was payday that weekend. The following weekend I’d hit £400 profit already. I did the two free trial offers and then twelve of the beginner offers. They were all really easy and took me around 30-40 minutes each evening after work to complete.

You need around £50 to get started, but if you start with £200 like me then its much quicker to get going.

The only downside is when you withdraw your profit from the bookmaker, you have to wait for them to approve the withdrawal request and pay the money into your bank.

Sometimes this can take up to 72 hours, so if you start with a small balance it could slow you down a little.

Week Two – On To The Advanced Signup Offers

These are basically the same as the beginner offers, but the bookmakers are a little bit more stingey and make you place more than one bet before they give you the free cash.

Some of them have certain requirements, like you can only use the free bet on Football. This isn’t an issue as football seems to be the most common thing to bet on anyway.

I quickly learned that the bookies like people to lose money, so its important to make it look like you’re a regular gambler by placing what they call ‘mug’ bets.

Betting on Arsenal to win the FA cup like I did when I first joined is ideal – they love people backing favorites that they have rigged the odds for!

I ploughed through more of the advanced offers and made another £180 in my second week.

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Week Three & Four – This is Where It Gets Interesting

Week three I went to France with my family for a week. No WiFi so didn’t touch the thing until I got back.

Week four I continued with the advanced offers. I’d spent a little of my profits and that slowed me down a bit.

My advice : try not to touch your profits until you hit the £1000 mark. Its worth waiting as you’ll be much faster with more money to play with.

There is over 20 casino offers to do. These are a bit different. Instead of placing a bet on a football match, you head to the casino.

An example risk free casino offers is deposit £20 and have a play on some slots. I did £2 spins (didn’t have a clue what was going on at first).

I won £72 on my first casino offer and £50ish on the next. I did these in the morning before I started work. What an awesome start to the day! Screenshots below.


Profit accumulator risk free casino offer

A risk free casino offer! Boom!

Another risk free casino offer

Second big win with a bookie that I’d signed up to in week one










Week Five- Bingo Winnings!

I’ve always seen adverts for Foxy Bingo etc on the TV and thought how dull and boring it must be.

I was right. I took a dabble at the Bingo offers as there’s no football on at the moment so matched betting is at its dry stage of the year.

I followed the instructions. Deposit £20 and get a 300% bonus. I used the special technique that PA teaches you and came out of it £130 richer.

Seriously, all I did was register, buy bingo tickets and then withdraw my money. They made me send them a copy of my passport to prove my age (felt like a teenager buying beer!) and then sent me the money a few days later.

I continued with some advanced sign up offers and did some risk free reload offers on the slots. No luck this time though – bet £10 and get a refund if you lose. I didn’t hit a big win this time so got the £10 back!

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Profit Accumulator features a forum powered by NodeBB software. It updates itself automatically like a Facebook group would. Users can subscribe to threads and follow certain members to ensure you never miss a new offer or update.

Everything is categorised making it simple to use for the less experiences members. Threads are ‘tagged’ by subject, offer type and by day of the week – so if you were looking for a football offer on a Tuesday it can be quickly located.

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is open to everyone. Often named the ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme, it allows any Internet user to join, regardless of whether they are subscribed to the Platinum Membership.

Users can earn up to 50% of each Platinum Member’s monthly/yearly subscription fee. That currently works out at £9.66 for a monthly commission or £63 for each yearly member referred. Affiliates must make at least one new sale throughout a three month period to keep their affiliate account active.

Conclusion & Future Updates

Since starting I’ve worked my way through all the beginner offers, some casino, bingo and half the advanced offers. I’ve touched a few reload offers providing it was simple, time worthy and risk free.

I have now made over £1500, around £300 of which I spent whilst on holiday.

What now?

I’m going to finish off all the advanced offers and the risk free casino offers. I intent to keep growing my ‘pot’. I’ve got a spreadsheet set up to track my profits.

The Facebook forum is full of useful hints and tips from the more experienced members.

You’re never short of help and advice. Loads of members seem willing to help out and have uploaded their spreadsheets and tools to make the whole process faster and easier.

You’ve Read How I’ve Done It….Now Its Your Turn

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Got any questions? Comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them!